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Members facing redundancy may benefit from our information session outlining their super options. This session looks at the financial decisions and retirement planning, providing an overview of:

- how your entitlements are taxed,
- options to replace your income,
- important decisions to make now,
- sources of further information,
- key issues to consider when entering retirement, and
- how UniSuper can assist with personal financial advice.

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The rules and terminology surrounding super are complicated. Coupled with this, the rules tend to change from year to year. So it’s understandable if it all seems a little daunting. This webcast seeks to introduce you to UniSuper’s flexible products for new and existing members.

Please join us if you’d like to hear more about:

  • how UniSuper super works
  • membership categories
  • investment and insurance options
  • services and benefits available to you.





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Award-winnning journalist, John F. Wasik, once stated that elder financial abuse could become the crime of the 21st Century. So how does it actually happen, and what measures can you put in place to ensure it won't happen to you or your loved ones?

An emerging field of research, elder abuse is any act occurring within a relationship where there is an implication of trust, which results in harm to an older person. Join the National Ageing Research Institute's project leader for Elder Abuse, Associate Professor Briony Dow, for a discussion on research in this area involving awareness-raising and advocacy, prevention and intervention.

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While many people consider the cornerstone of a ‘successful’ retirement to be financial security, social participation is equally important—yet often overlooked. It’s readily documented that keeping active is good for the body and mind, but new research is starting to uncover some further key influences to healthy ageing and a positive retirement.

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Do you have a family member in need of aged care? Not sure where to start?

Join us for an overview of the different aged care options available including residential and home care, as well as information for carers.

Residential care discussion topics will include granny flat arrangements, retirement villages, residential facilities such as hostels or nursing homes, and supported residential services. We’ll also delve into a number of different types of home care packages available including eligibility, assessment and services offered.

Most importantly, we’ll let you know the first and following steps you’ll need to take for peace of mind for your family.

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This webcast provides an opportunity to hear firsthand from Talieh Williams (Manager, Governance and Sustainable Investment Equities) about how UniSuper considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as part of its investment process. Talieh also explores UniSuper’s three dedicated sustainable investment options: Sustainable Balanced, Sustainable High Growth and Global Environmental Opportunities.

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Super contribution splitting with your spouse may be an effective way of achieving financial security in retirement. This webcast goes through the rules, circumstances and benefits of splitting your contributions to super.

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Presented by UniSuper Advice, this webcast explains key fundamentals on how investment bonds work and important factors when considering this as an alternative investment vehicle.  


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This webcast goes through various beneficiary options available and provides clarity which nominations may be appropriate to your estate planning objectives.

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Presented by UniSuper Advice, this webcast outlines the relationship between risk and return and how it’s affected by time is probably one of the most important aspects of investing your super or pension.

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With the majority of Australia’s still relying on the Government Age Pension in some capacity to fund their retirement, this webcast seeks to provide an insight on current rules and how Centrelink assess your eligibility.

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This webcast explains implications Defined Benefit members need to consider when electing to reduce their standard member contribution under contribution flexibility arrangements.

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One of the key cornerstones of superannuation is being able to setup insurance cover via your account. This webcast seeks to explain the types of insurance available as part of your UniSuper membership and how it can be a convenient and affordable way of giving you and your family financial security.

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Suitable for members aged 45-59, this seminar provides members with the key issues to consider leading up to retirement.
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Presented by a Financial Information Service Officer from the Department of Human Resources, this webcast outlines some key considerations for members approaching retirement. Whether planning for an immediate retirement or simply seeking to gain a better understanding of Centrelink issues.

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Research shows that women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement savings. They tend to have less super than men for many different reasons, including career breaks and time out of the workforce to raise families, making it more difficult to build a reasonable amount of super.

This session is suitable for women of all ages who would like to develop a better understanding of financial matters and be more active in managing their retirement savings. The seminar will cover issues such as:

  • understanding the retirement gap and the factors that contribute to it
  • longevity and the double-edged sword
  • ways to boost your super; including taking advantage of government incentives 
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Suitable for members with a basic understanding of the fundamentals who want to delve deeper into:

  • how UniSuper’s Defined Benefit Division works
  • contribution flexibility
  • salary sacrifice and contribution limits
  • understanding risk and reward when choosing investment options; and
  • beneficiaries, insurance and lost super
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Suitable for members aged 45-59, this seminar provides members with the key issues to consider leading up to retirement. This comprehensive seminar will cover:

  • current retirement adequacy information
  • utilising contributions to optimise financial wealth
  • investment structure according to risk profile
  • transition to retirement
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Suitable for members aged 60+, this seminar aims to explain the common options available to generate income and fund your retirement goals.

Topics discussed include:

  • challenges in retirement
  • pension options including annuities and account-based pensions
  • risks and benefits of different income options
  • the effect of income options on the Age Pension
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Presented by Dr Sarah Cotton, a psychologist engaged by SuperFriend Mental Health Foundation, this session will outline how to plan now to make your transition to retirement easier for you and for those you are close to. Topics discussed include: 

  • What is retirement?
  • Expectations versus realities
  • Push and pull factors - what is influencing your decision?
  • The emotional impact of significant change
  • How taking control can put you in charge
  • How to seek assistance if there are difficulties